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Protecting  Children

For  far  too long,  Rhode  Island allowed minors  to obtain  marriage  licenses  without  parental consent.  Married minors  lacked the  same  legal  protections  as  married adults.  While  these marriages  are  rare, it  was  crucial  for the  state  to  bring  an  end  to  this  practice.  Senator  Burke fought  to  bring  an  end  to  child  marriage  in  Rhode  Island  to  ensure  our  children  are  protected from  predatory  practices  and  forced  marriages.

Supporting  the  Environment

West  Warwick  was  faced with  a challenge:  allow  a medical  waste  pyrolysis  facility  to  be constructed  in  our backyard  or standup  to  protect the  wellbeing  of our residents. Senator Burke  chose  the  latter  and co-sponsored legislation  prohibiting the  construction  of  new medical  waste  incinerators  near  neighborhoods,  schools,  nursing facilities  and delicate environmental  areas.  Now  residents  of  West  Warwick  and  those  throughout  the  state  will not be  subjected  to  construction  of high-heat  facilities  that  jeopardize  the  health  of  the community  and  environment.

Supporting  Municipal Employees 

 West  Warwick’s  pension plan is  at  critical status,  leaving  our  municipal employees  to  face uncertainty  with  their  retirements. These  hardworking  men  and  women, most of whom  are your  neighbors,  friends,  and  family,  have  dedicated  their  careers  to  serving  and  bettering  our community.  That’s  why  Senator  Burke  introduced legislation  allowing West  Warwick  to join the  State  Employees’  Retirement  System  of  Rhode  Island.  This  merger  provides  assurance to  all  residents  that  West  Warwick  continues  on  a  path  of  fiscal  health  and  maintains  a predictable  and  sustainable  pension  system  for  our  municipal  employees.

Among the major initiatives  Senator  Burke  supported in  2021  are:

•  Raising  the  minimum  wage to $15 an hour

•  Mandates for  improved  quality  of  care  and  staffing  for  nursing  homes

•  Passage  of  an  affordable  housing  package

•  Implementation  of  the  2021  Act  on Climate  to  reduce  statewide  carbon  emission

•  Doubling  the  amount  of beer and liquor  small  breweries  and  distilleries  can  sell  to customers

•  Providing  families  of  wrongful  death  victims  means  to  recover  damages  for  their  loss •  Updating  our  statewide  public  safety  records  management  system •  Raising  the  criminal  punishment  for  those  in  possession  of  child  erotica 

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